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How Do I Get More High Paying Personal Training Clients?

How Do I Get More High Paying Personal Training Clients?

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There comes a time in the life of every personal trainer where he is caught up in the dilemma related to his career. Should he continue being an employee of the brand he is working for or should he risk going solo and startup as an self-employed personal trainer?

The biggest concern which helps in this transition is getting clients on their own that would help them survive in the industry. It has been observed that many new trainers give up after a few months merely because they failed to grab clients on their own.

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It is for this very reason why people feel that a successful personal trainer is not just about his skills and knowledge as a trainer only. In fact, he should have some really effective marketing skills as well.

Online Methods vs Offline Methods

Online Methods vs Offline Methods

An accomplished personal trainer doesn’t rely on one method only to get acquainted with more clients. While retaining old clients is always crucial, they need to get access to a wider customer base as well. It is only then that the personal trainer can manage to work individually.

With what starts as a part-time freelancing is sure to become a full-time thing for the personal trainers and this is why marketing for personal trainers needs to be based on a well-rounded strategy.

If you have been thinking of making your name in the field and about how do I get more personal training clients, then you need to stay more focused. We will be discussing some effective online and offline marketing ways that will help you succeed in generating more income as a PT.

In this digital era, having access to social media and the other forums is beneficial. It allows you to make connections with people all over the globe. 

This way you will have a better shot at engaging more clients. While using the online marketing mediums, you cannot ignore the importance of offline marketing techniques as well.

They have been around for decades now and have proven their worth over time. Moreover, it is advised to invest your resources in all forms of marketing methods to cover up all sorts of clients and to have yourself out there in the field.

We will now be looking at some of the most common online and offline methods that you can make use of in order to increase personal training sales.

While the offline methods would require you to brush up your people’s skills, the online methods make use of the social media platforms and digital world to get you better leads.

Offline methods

Offline methods

The thing about offline marketing techniques is that they require more time to produce results. You would have to be personally present in all such campaigns and make yourself available to have your clients get to know you better.

1. Smile

A simple act has the power to change the world and thus you should never be taking its powers for granted. People always like to go to trainers who don’t have a daunting effect on them and look rather friendly and easy going. This makes them feel more secure.

With a trainer who looks easy to talk to, the clients will be able to communicate more effectively and help spread the word around too.

Nobody likes recommending a trainer who lacks the social etiquette’s and is not fun to be around. No matter how tired you are or how many training session you have had, always welcome your clients with a smile and see what difference it creates.

2. Creative business cards

For things to work out, one needs to follow the industry rules and standards. A certain professional decorum is required to ensure that you are taken seriously and not someone who is in it on a temporary basis.

This is where business cards come to play a major role. They give you a more professional and serious persona allowing you to make headway with all your clients.

A card which has your contact information along with your social media account links will help boost your following in the online community as well.

To speed things up, you can even spend some money on designing business cards with creative designs. Business cards will help you connect with new clientele and potentially generate new opportunities for your personal training business.

Get a lot of these printed and always carry them around when you go out so that in case an opportunity comes presenting itself, you are fully prepared to handle it tactfully.

3. TV and Radio

TV and Radios

What do we all do when we are not working or training in the gyms? It seems that the TVs and radios have become an integral part of our daily live entertainment.

Living without them makes our life dull and boring. These sources of entertainment are not just for fun. In fact they are used to educate the masses and make them more informed.

If you are thinking about How Do I Get More Personal Training Clients then you need to use these sources more intelligently. You can roll out messages related to your contact information or about your classes on these mediums to have the world listen to them.

When prospecting for personal training clients, it is important that no leaf is left unturned.

Who knows what message would head home and how many people it would bring to your classes. One moment is all that it takes to change futures and with radios, you can actually do that.

Long leisurely drives or casual family TV sessions are the best times to reach out to people since they are most vulnerable at this time. With their guards down, they will be more accepting of what you have to offer and would understand you better.  

4. Create partnerships

Create partnerships

As it has been discussed already above, briefly though, creating a network is important for the personal trainers too. When it comes to how to increase personal training sales having a network you can float through is beneficial.

Visits doctors, spas, salons, and nutritionists who you think can help you with your goal of building personal training clientele.

Building a network is not something you can do overnight. It requires a lot of time and effort and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Instead of wasting time, make use of the business cards that you have printed for yourself. It will help you make use of opportunities whenever they present themselves to you.

Meet up with the nutritionists and other studios in your vicinity. It will get you in the right circle. Most of the personal trainers project a strong clientele by getting themselves introduced to the students from the colleges, universities and high schools.

Invite them over to your studio or simply leave off a card with them and see how things go on from there. One of the best times to do that would be to make your trips around summer time so that it is feasible for most of the students to join in during their break.

You can also try getting your way to some doctors as well who are constantly telling their patients to become healthier and lose some weight. You can be of assistance here.

Run a campaign where you are visiting people personally and dropping by their doors to interact and create personal connections.

Try sending in some postcards and door hangers meant to create awareness about the offers that you have and how you will help them change their lives. Money spent on these methods is nothing compared to the gains you will be getting out of them.

On the whole, the best answer on how to increase personal training sales is by talking and connecting with people. Be it the people in your community or your clients too, right marketing skills will get you the acknowledgement you need.

5. Warm up sessions

If you look around, you will come to realise that there is a whole trend in the market for extensive cardio workouts. People are gaining more interest in such sessions and their popularity seems to be on the rise lately.

This is further made possible by the fact that these cardio workouts when used for warmup help prepare the body for the strenuous training which would follow.

So, what you can do is to get started with some good warm-up sessions. This is the first part of any workout and what would help set the pace for the future exercises to follow for the day.

A warm-up session that wakes you to the bones is the one that would help set the mood for the whole session. So, plan it well and make sure it is meant to facilitate everyone in the group.

Try to make sure that you don’t just leave off your clients to fend for themselves during this session. Make efforts to connect with them and get to know them better during this phase of building personal training clientele so that you can guide them better.

Moreover, don’t just leave them off with a treadmill only. Workout some creative plans that will make them see and realize your worth.

6. Free demos

Free demos

Have we all come to appreciate the free things we stumble upon in life any less? In fact, when you think of it, they mean more to us. Things that come as a part of free package always make us feel good and happy in some way.

Same can be said when you try to offer things to your clients that come as a part of the package deal.

It could be gift vouchers or deals that they would really appreciate.

Try to go for a market survey of what the other personal trainers are offering to figure out for yourself about the things that have others selling like hot cakes.

Moreover, do not keep it all a part of some hidden agenda. Be very vocal and open about the discount deals you are offering so that they can attract more clients.

However, don’t just stop right here. It is just the first stepping stone. Work your way out from here to bigger and better things. Start including free demos and session classes in your gym plans.

It could be some new sort of workout or a free class for the ones who are just here to get some information about you. It will give them an idea of why they should be going with you.

Marketing for personal trainers is important and with you starting on such good footing with your clients you will be off to a good start.

It shouldn’t only be about the money. To have people really understand what you are doing and the calibre you have, you need to give demos. And what better ways to do that than to hold free tutorials and classes on the off days.

7. Host challenges

Ever heard of the gym sessions where they hold special classes and programs meant for a limited number of days?

They promise nothing but a wholesome of goodness to the clients who will be a part of it. If you have been wondering how do I get more personal training clients then it is about time you start planning a session of such kind for yourself too.

Roll out the word that will have people know about the session you plan on holding and about how they can bring their friends along for this too. Such challenges while they do bring on the competitive side of people are really fun too.

[WATCH VIDEO]: 1000 Reps a Day for 4 Weeks Challenge 2016 – [100 Push ups, Pull ups, Dips, Squats, Burpees a Day]

Work on a challenge the clients wouldn’t be able to say no to. If you are wondering how it will help you with your goal of how to get personal training clients online then there is a solution for that as well.

Start by posting it on social media platforms and websites so that the word gets shared.

Moreover, you can also plan out the dieting and the nutritional plans out so that the clients can get even better results. Challenges are fun but since they are pretty quick and get done in a few days only, having a pre-planned diet will also help improve the results.

Try to put your best forward for such session so that everyone who becomes a part of it becomes your fan and would want to come back again for a personal training session.

8. Guidance


Wouldn’t we all kill to get just a few minutes of time from our personal trainers so that they would answer some of our concerns and queries? If you are prospecting for personal training clients then this is one area you need to work on.

The phone numbers or the contact information you give out on your personal business cards should be the one where you are always readily available at.

If you think you cannot handle the commitment, just try omitting the information rather than facing the situation where you will have to ignore one of your clients.

This full-time commitment might not be that difficult for a personal trainer who is in it on a full-time basis. However, things can vary from the one who is freelancing or working on a part-time basis.

In such cases, the business cards should clearly state the working hours or their timings of availability.

With all this said, you need to make sure that for building personal training clientele you are always there to guide and help your clients. Be it about some exercise they are having difficulty following or a diet plan that seems too daunting to them. The more you work with your clients the better your relationship with them.

9. Make it all fun

Who says that workouts should be all sweat and no fun, wouldn’t a session be more invigorating if you get to lose some weight while having a perfectly good time?

This is the kind of personal training session that you need to be creating for the clients that come to you. From the playlist you choose to how you plan to traverse from one exercise to the other, everything should be well thought out.

This is not the only thing that will be the answer to your question on How Do I Get More Personal Training Clients. There is a lot more which you can bring to the table while fulfilling the fitness goals of your client.

Introduce new training methods and make that session informative and educational for them. Once the clients know the benefits of each exercise they are doing, it all begins to make more sense to them.

Moreover, don’t just restrict yourself to a four-walled boundary only. If you feel that the weather is feasible you can hold a session out in the open or change the location of the workout to break the monotonous cycle.

Another thing which might help is holding group sessions every now and then so that the clients can get to know each other better and get to enjoy in that friendly environment.

10. Be a part of the community

Be a part of the community

Nobody has liked people who do nothing besides their job. You need to give an impression that you are much more than just a personal trainer. Go out on your off days and give back to the community, you plan on building a connection with.

It could be anything that you can personally connect to, a nutritional awareness council or a personal training session meant for the elderly at the old age home.

Nowadays people can tell more about a person from their social media accounts more than they can through anything else. Make sure that your social media presence is not about the work you do as if it would not create a good impression of you.

On the other hand,  posting about the things that you feel the community might care about would leave you looking a responsible and more humane person.

11. Be real

Have you ever gotten the experience of training under a personal trainer who came off as just too perfect for your comfort? Doesn’t it get intimidating and slightly annoying for you? We all seem to achieve our fitness goals at our own pace.

Being around people who make you feel like a failure is going to be a bigger setback for you.

This is why clients tend to be more comfortable around the personal trainers who are willing to show their natural side. We all fail from time to time and thus should not be afraid to share those experience with others.

After all, if it wasn’t for these failures nobody would learn anything new.

As a personal trainer, it should be your utmost goal to make your clients feel comfortable and relaxed with you. When prospecting for personal training clients be open to the idea of revealing your vulnerable side: one where you have faced multiple failures and setbacks in the process of your growth.

Moreover do not be afraid to share these stories and lessons with the clients that come to you.

When building personal training clientele being real and honest will get you the highest points. Try to be less of an instructor and more of a mentor or friend who is there to help because he genuinely cares.

12. Reach out to old clients

Reach out to old clients

When it comes to the business world, there is a well-established fact that it is easier and more economical to retain the old clients rather than to try and attract newer ones.

No matter how much money and time you invest in your social media campaigns and offline marketing strategies, let the truth be known that there is only so much that you can do.

So while you are waiting for new clients to walk through your door do not lose hope. Rather than sitting there and twiddling your thumb take matters into your own hands and try to reach out to your older clients.

With all the monthly plans and newsletters you’ve been sending out to them, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to catch up from right where you left. Even if the old clients are perfectly healthy and cannot join you for any reason, they certainly would be willing to help you out.

A few recommendations and the good words right where they matter will get your boat sailing.

Online methods

digital marketing

This is just the beginning. You will have to stay active and available for your audience. The road to making clients out of your audience starts with you playing your cards right.

Give away promotional offers, gifts of interactive contests and free vouchers that will lure the potential clients towards you.

Know your audience and then strategize accordingly. This would mean getting the content and promotions live that will help you make headways with them. The goal is to learn from your competitors, adopt their good practices and avoid the mistakes they are making.

These are just some of the best ways to which you will be able to get your career out of the rut in case it gets stuck in any. Following these tips should help move things along.

While working on these points make sure that you are equally active and available to the millions of users who are now a part of the online community.

13. Stay connected

What happens when you are not giving classes or training your clients anymore? The clients that have achieved their personal fitness goals, your attitude with those clients is what will help make or break your name in the industry.

Instead of letting them go and not talking to them ever again, think of ways through which you can stay connected with all your current and old clients all the time.

One way to do that is to send out newsletters and sales letters to their email addresses.

However, try not to get too annoying with the requests you email them as it can get a bit annoying for some people to handle. The best course is to stick to a schedule where you email once a month only.

This way you keep connections with all the clients you have had and get to reach out to newer ones as well. Make sure that while you are compiling things, you also include any promotional deals or offers that you might have to go to lure them back to you and your fitness camps.

The best way to get more leads online is to initiate referral programs where you can have your old or current clients get amazing discounts by bringing in more friends. The more referrals they bring to your classes, the better it would be for them.

However, to ensure that the referral program is really simple to follow so that the clients can easily bring in their friends. Anything complicated and people might just be ready to make the required effort.

14. Stay alive

online methods

What good is social media if you are not using it to its full potential? When it comes to rhetorical questions like how to increase personal training sales you need to be in the game to know the right answers for yourself.

A world where every small business owner is working to create an online presence for himself in the field, you can’t possibly think of doing without it.

It doesn’t end with creating accounts only. To make it work, you need to be available and present all the time. Delayed responses can lose your clients and when you are trying to make things work for you, every single one of your client’s matter.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Managing the professional aspects of your job with the social media accounts can be a tough job.

The best thing to do with this is to hire someone who would look into all of your social media accounts for you: a tactic that has elevated the level of marketing for personal trainers. This way you wouldn’t be prompted with the replies you send out any queries that you answer.

Posting ads on social media platforms and search engines is another way of ensuring that you appear in the searches of your audience and are right where you should be.

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This certainly will require an investment but is something you would come to appreciate in a few days’ time. It produces great results and will be really helpful in getting you some good leads.   

15. Transparency

What the clients hate the most about any sort of services they require are hidden charges. Make sure that you never lie to your clients or hide from them the actual charges.

Nothing feels more fruitful then clicking on a link and finding that all the payment structure is right there in front of you like a meadow of flowers.

Try to be one of the less tricky people in the business who are very upfront about the services they offer and how they plan to charge it.

With you ensuring that there are always deals and packages that they can save with, there will certainly be something people will look forward to. Try to make yourself more appealing and attractive by giving out deals that will help with prospecting for personal training clients.

16. Monthly helps

How bad would it be if you leave gym never to hear from your trainer again? Someone who has been with us for those tough months and helped us achieve our goals never really got back to us.

Wouldn’t it make us feel as if it all was for money only and we as a client never really mattered?

Well, this is why hearing back from the personal trainers even after we are no longer working together feels good. One of the best ways on how to get personal training clients online is by staying connected.

Make sure you send out monthly agenda on how your clients can follow their fitness goals and maintain the ones they have achieved. It will help them stay focused and turn back to you for advice when they will feel the need for it.

All these efforts help build a sense of trust in the clients and will allow you to be on their good books. This way whenever someone comes asking them for a personal trainer they trust and highly recommend, the one name that would pop up on their tongue would be yours.

Moreover, not just for the old clients, these tips and help would benefit your existing clients as well making them trust you more in the process.

A little time and investment today and you would actually be setting some good grounds for your future. This is why it is advised that the early time of your career should be used tactfully. Do not waste this time and try to invest it in doing things that will produce good results in the coming months.

17. Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

While you are working a sweat in the gym with your clients, taking time out for marketing of personal trainers can be difficult.

Remember this is not something you should give up on no matter how successful you get.

If you ask us one thing of how to increase personal training sales then our answer would be marketing. The better the marketing technique, be it through offline or online methods, the better the results would be for you.

To facilitate you in your mission so that a more experienced person takes on the marketing aspect of the job and lets you handle what you do best, you can work towards affiliate marketing.

Here basically, you are paying another marketer to work on your promotion strategies and sell the services and products you have to offer.

This could be in exchange for free services for a limited time or commission depending upon the number of sales you make together. There are many companies online that provide these services and that too at very reasonable charges.

Start saving yourself time today and prepare yourself for better client communication while you leave on the experts to bring you more clients. It is going to cost you but after a certain time, the benefits would outweigh the investment you made.

18. Create relevant content

create relevant content

Since you are not available in person for your audience in the online world, you need to find ways through which you stay connected to them. This can be done with the content that you would share online.

The content can be animated, in a form of a video, audio podcast or written to convey the information in a bit more detail.

Either way, a content that is worth sharing will help spread your word and make you visible.

What you say to your clients will go a long way for you. You can either start writing blogs or informative posts that can help your audience.

This will help them notice you and even ask for your help when they are down with some fitness related issues. Make it a point to start a conversation with at least 5 people on daily who can use your help.

Apart from all this, videos are one of the most trending ways to get recognition on the social media platform. Make videos of your own and have them posted on Facebook, Twitter and other video hosting platforms to connect with the audience.

You can even begin by creating a free online course for your clients and followers on social media. Keep asking for the topics they would want you to cover so that it is guaranteed that the content is relevant for your audience.

For the participants who are really active in such courses, you can give them free courses as a grand giveaway prize. Such acts keep the audience interested and help improve your rankings.

19. Offer online training

online training

The thing with the online world is that you can get audience and clients from all over the world. Some of them might make it to your classes while for others it can be a bit difficult.

One way to turn this disadvantage to your favour is by offering online training and classes.

No matter where in the world they are located, your followers can now get access to your classes. This would not only work for the leads from the online community but would also allow you to continue your training with the clients who are leaving your classes in person.

They can now take online help from you and continue training with you regardless of their physical location.

Moreover, you can also use this opportunity to contact your former clients to find out if they would be interested in benefiting from the online classes. This would even work for the leads who never really signed up with you in person.

Try contacting them back again to see if an online course is something they would want to register for. So, without having to spend a penny, you will actually be bringing yourself more leads by marketing in the online world.


With the online and offline methods discussed, the question still remains: “How Do I Get More Personal Training Clients?” For this to work out, we talked with the best in the field and had them tell us their secret on prospecting for personal training clients.

With these helpful tips in your arsenal, you sure will have a better chance of making it in the field.

How to increase personal training sales? Well, we say the answer is not as simple as you would expect it to be. It takes years of efforts and the right strategies to work things out for the better.

With all these tips that we have provided above, you certainly are off to a good start. However, you should not just restrict yourselves to these pointers only and build your own strategies as you move along.

Effective marketing strategies of personal trainers, do not stop at online methods only. The marketing strategy you use to boost your sales should be a good mix of both online and offline methods. It is only then that the results you will see will last for a long time to come.

Effective marketing strategy couple with your training methods can make a world of difference. Don’t make your clients adjust to your methods but adjust your training sessions to the clients themselves.

Nothing impresses a client more than a trainer who takes an interest in their training progress and tailor makes their workout routines accordingly. It is a “Personal” trainer after all.

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